Requirements:  Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch andiPad.
Requires iOS4.1 or later.
"log4me" is not scheduler application. this is your Time Logger.
if you need to manage your time, log4me can help you.
maybe you can use log4me as your own timecard.
log4me's 1st purpose is to log your time, and to create CSV data.
you can get CSV data, via e-mail or iTunes file shareing.

Each log data has 6 items.
  • start time
  • end time
  • period
  • category
  • detail
  • note
"category", "detail" are good for managing your log.
these items help your grouping style.
ex. software developer (my case.)
  • "category" for your projects.
  • "detail" for your job groups.
      ex. "code", "test", "meeting"
a log data don't become over a day. if active log become over a day,
the log cut by each day. log4me create plural log datas.
log starts at PM 6:00 and close at AM 2:00 next day, log4me create 2 logs.
one is PM 6:00 to AM 0:00. other is AM 0:00 to AM 2:00.



  Version 1.00: 2011.09.30: first release.